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Instagram has completely become the go-to communication platform for foodies all over the world. Various delicious-looking food photos have adorned our timelines this year as well. In this post, TokyoTableTrip shall rank the most impressive food on Instagram. Let’s have a look back at 2016 with these mouthwatering-looking food photos that will make you want to have a bite at once.

15th Niboshi Ramen En “Niboshi Ramen”

If we’re talking about the most visually appealing ramen in Tokyo now, it would be no other than the Niboshi Ramen here. The obviously painstakingly-made broth, noodles, and toppings taste just as good as it looks.The soup that embodies the umami, bitterness and depth of the niboshi left the deepest impression, and will leave a looong aftertaste even after you finish. Although located slightly far from the city center, this is definitely something we feel is worth the trip for.

14th Torinago “Duck Suki”

Although it feels slightly like more emphasis was placed on the visuals than the taste, this dish left a huge impact on Instagram, with the duck meat arranged beautifully like a blooming flower. This dish is eaten by “shabu-shabu”-ing (dipping) the duck meat for about 5 seconds into the pot, but the spring onions are actually even better than the meat! The crunchy spring onions eaten together with the broth that has soaked up all the flavorful juices of the duck are so good that you cannot stop eating. This is the perfect dish to warm yourself up on a cold day.

13th Tenzushi Kyomachi Branch “Maguro no Tsuke”

With the saying, “Sushi Saito in the East, and Tenzushi in the West”, this is one of the best sushi restaurants in Western Japan.
The specialty here “Maguro no Tsuke (Tuna marinated with tuna stock)” has appeared many times on Instagram this year, with the glistening surface of the tuna leaving a deep impression. First-time customers might be slightly nervous with all the unique rules here, like no credit card, no soy sauce and no credit card payment, but once you take a bite of the sushi, a smile will definitely spread across your face. The owner, Mr Amano, has been refining his skills more and more, and those who have yet to try his amazing sushi should definitely give it a try!

12th Makino “Crab Daikon Nabe Hotpot”

This crab daikon nabe hotpot always appears on foodies’ Instagram every winter. Makino has a humble appearance, but is actually an extremely luxurious restaurant where you can enjoy the finest winter delicacies, fugu (blowfish) and crab together. There is no way that this nabe hotpot, which has a miso-based soup with a powerful crab flavour and butter melted into it, will ever go wrong! TokyoTableTrip has already been here twice this year. This is a standard dish that should not be missing from your list of spots to visit in Tokyo for winter gourmet dishes.

11th Hatsune zushi “Ikura Roe”

Hatsune zushi, a Michelin 2-starred restaurant, has gained much popularity this year as well. There is no end to the hospitality of the owner Mr Nakaji, who strives to make every customer enjoy their experience, and this year, this heart-shaped ikura appeared on the menu, appealing to customers’ photo-taking desires, and livening up the Instagram accounts of diners here.
The sad thing is that the reservations for year 2017 are already fully booked…if only we had the chance to visit at least once…we will wait patiently for any cancellations.

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