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Shaved ice shares the popularity of sweet dessert menus with pancakes.Recently the shaved ice trend is exceeding that of pancakes.Any shaved ice parlor will have 2 to 3 waiting hours at the least during summer.
Of course the heat will turn down as the temperature does as well, this is the “Best season of shaved ice” according to true shaved ice fans. It is during this time, after the crazy outlet operation comes under control that the shaved ice parlor shopkeepers start to unveil their imaginative and vaunted creations.
Here we will feature the particular “Christmas shaved ice” served in the popular parlors during December.In Tokyo, the dessert-a-holics don’t eat cake, but shaved ice on chirstmas!

Ho-seki bako

The most famous Christmas shaved ice in Japan would be this. Located in Nara, a rather unembellished area hidden by Kyoto and Osaka, yet fans rush from neighboring prefectures to taste this special menu at “Ho-seki bako.”
This shaved ice made to resemble a Christmas tree uses domestic “Matcha” green tea and Belgian “white chocolate.” It does seem mismatching at first, but the bitter Matcha flavor and mild sweetness of chocolate create a strange but high-leveled harmony.
There are only ten days throughout the year when you can taste this limited menu. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Kansai area during this time, be sure to try.

Tea house Mayor

This is a popular shaved ice parlor that has a homely atmosphere, located in a quiet residential area 30 minutes away from Shibuya by train. Their Christmas shaved ice is a standard flavor which reappears every year. Shaved ice covered with strawberry syrup looks simple indeed, but the sweet and sour strawberries match with the semisweet custard cream hidden inside to create a highly sophisticated flavor.
Enjoy with the parlor’s signature item, milk tea and satisfy your heart.


“Jigen” is one of the most popular parlors in Japan, and despite the country town location that takes a two hour trip on the train to visit, freaks from all over Japan come in line to taste the shaved ice of the shopkeeper known as the “God of shaved ice.”
Every year, a variety of special menus can be enjoyed during Christmas season. The Christmas shaved ice of 2016 starts with strawberry and milk flavor. This simple standard menu transforms into a surprisingly high quality specialty by the hands of Jigen.
Jigen’s Christmas season goes on until the end of December, so keep your eyes open for what’s coming next. The fun keeps going on.

Chocolate Kenkyujyo (Chocolate Laboratory)

From Osaka, we’ve nominated the limited December shaved ice from a chocolatier. TokyoTableTrip hasn’t visited this place yet. Cacao syrup with rich milk espuma, and ten fresh strawberries create a super attractive appearance. We hear that the cacao syrup created by chocolate experts is significantly delicious. We’ll be sure to visit next year!

Icho no ki (Ginkgo Tree)

This unique Christmas shaved ice is from a specialty shop highly recognized by maniacs, which is located not far from Shinagawa, one of the largest terminal stations in Tokyo. Digging into the shaved ice with sweet and savory syrup using fig and salt, you will be surprised to find various ingredients such as raisins, walnuts, ginger, and cornflakes. After mixing them all together you’ll start to think this is delicious, despite the fact that the ingredients don’t look like they will match each other. Is it a magical marriage created by the shopkeeper’s talent, or is it just coincidence? Advanced shaved ice maniacs, if you’re bored with the usual stuff, make sure you try this high-leveled shaved ice out!

Shimokita Chaen Oyama

“Shimokita Chaen Oyama” attracts shaved ice fans with its genuine “Green tea” based flavor, but during Christmas time they bring in a strawberry based specialty!
Their strawberry sauce is finished with espuma, their expertise, and has an elegant taste that is not so sweet but yet full of the strawberries’ flavor. You can choose the topping syrup to create your favorite touch, from Western style to Japanese style.

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Yes, in Japan the dessert-a-holics don’t eat cake, but shaved ice on chirstmas!

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