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Instagram has completely become the go-to communication platform for foodies all over the world. Various delicious-looking food photos have adorned our timelines this year as well. In this post, TokyoTableTrip shall rank the most impressive food on Instagram. Let’s have a look back at 2016 with these mouthwatering-looking food photos that will make you want to have a bite at once.

10th Sushi Arai ‘Tuna Nigiri’

At Number 10 is the tuna nigiri from this rising restaurant, Arai, often mentioned in Tokyo Table Trip.
Having just opened 2 years ago, they already have huge supporters from Sushi fans because of the shop’s owner, Mr. Arai’s friendly service and very high quality of Pacific blue fin tuna.
In December they were given one Michelin star.And since the owner doesn’t want the restaurant to be booked all the time, it’s easier to get a seat at a popular Sushi restaurant which is good for us.

9th SATO Briand ‘Buri meshi’

SATO Briand has specifically stood out in 2016. The ‘Buri meshi’ with sea urchin and caviar on Chateaubriand with garlicky sauce in the Chef’s course was the most popular meat dish this year.
This restaurant is the top rated Yakiniku restaurant ranking on Tabelog. The only weakness is that, although it has increased the number of its branches to 3, it is still hard to make a reservation.

8th Yakiniku Shimizu ‘Thick beef tongue’

Shimizu’s thick beef tongue has the No.1 support from passionate fans. Their black Wagyu beef tongue from Japan is cut five times thicker than other Yakiniku restaurants, and enthusiasts are impressed with the taste. Photos were posted on Instagram many times in 2016.
Yakiniku fans try hard to order this item every day, so don’t forget to give the restaurant a request during the booking.

7th Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara ‘Sirloin’

The very popular Yakiniku restaurant Nakahara attracts many meat fans with their skill of cutting the meat just right depending on its part and quality.Their most popular item is Sirloin.
The meat is place on the plate accordingly and beautifully, making it look beautiful for a photo. It’s a popular item posted on Instagram. The high quality fat that melts in your mouth brings you to the happiest place. Nothing is better than a bowl of rice with it.

6th Senrigan ‘Hiyashi Ramen (cold Ramen)’

This restaurant mega, Hiyashi Ramen, is a seasonal tradition during the summer on Instagram.
It appears to be a healthy Ramen complete with lots of vegetables, but it’s actually a junk food filled with fat, chemical seasonings, and garlic. It’s biting taste is popular among young people. If you are confident to eat this mega sized Ramen, it’s a must try!

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