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Michelin Guide Tokyo generates a huge buzz every time it comes out, despite constant debates about the value of the rankings. TokyoTableTrip also makes it a point to take a look at the lineup every year.
Since foreign visitors are likely to be be highly interested in this, we will do a quick report on some of the changes to the stars awarded between the 2016 and 2017 guide.

3-star Restaurants

There were 12 3-star restaurants listed this year, a drop from last year’s 13.
Kanda (Japanese), Quintessence (French), Joël Robuchon (French), and Sukibayashi Jiro (sushi) received their three stars for the 10th year running.
Other recipients were Sushi Yoshitake, Sushi Saito, Ryugin (Japanese), Yamadaya (fugu), Yukimura (Japanese), Ishikawa (Japanese), Kohaku (Japanese), and Makimura (Japanese).
The restaurant which fell out of this list from last year is Esaki (Japanese), which closed on 24 December following its decision to move from Tokyo to the countryside (in Yamanashi Prefecture).

2-star Restaurants

Out of the 2-star restaurants from last year, one restaurant closed, and there were 4 more added this year, which resulted in an overall increase of 3 restaurants to make up a total of 54 restaurants this year.
The restaurant that closed was Sushi Mizutani, which put up the shutters on 29 October with the retirement of the owner Hachiro Mizutani.
The 4 new additions to the 2-star list were Ginya (tempura) and Sushi Masuda, which were promoted from the 1-star category, and Higashi-Azabu Amamoto (sushi) and Miyasaka (Japanese), both new entries on the Michelin Guide.

1-star Restaurants

From the 153 1-star restaurants last year, 19 new restaurants were added to the list, 2 were promoted to the 2-star category, and 9 lost their stars, which totals up to 161 restaurants making the list this year.

The new additions to the 1-star category are Sushi Iwa, Sushi Arai, Iwai (tempura), Sublime (French), Nabeno-Ism (French), Regalo (Italian), Sugita (sushi), Kurosaki (sushi), L’Orgueil (French), Ciel et Sol (French), Nogizaka Shin (Japanese), Amber Palace (Chinese), Nakiryu (ramen), Craftale (French), Ryo (unagi), Tacubo (Italian), and Bird Land (yakitori).
In addition, Honda (Italian) and Harutaka (sushi) which lost their stars last year, made it back onto the list with one star.
The 9 restaurants which lost their stars this year were Yamaji (Japanese), Tirpse (French), Hatanaka (tempura), Ànu Retrouvez-vous (French), Den (Japanese), Kifu (Japanese), Uotoku (sushi), Hifumi-an (Japanese), and Yoshihashi (sukiyaki) which closed down.

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Kengo Yamada

Tokyo gourmet emperor/German cars for life/Dan beste, oder nichts

A belated summary of the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017.
The most surprising news for us was the awarding of 2 stars to Higashi-Azabu Amamoto less than half a year after their opening, and the surprising loss of a star by Jinbocho Den, which has been rapidly gaining recognition worldwide.

almost 4 years ago

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@Kengo Yamada Den used to have 2 stars at one point, no? Did it have anything to do with the fact that he moved locations?

almost 4 years ago
Aoh14ghiupnrmlmhrbdgizgp6aestwmlm s8zwfp9xks s50

Kengo Yamada

Tokyo gourmet emperor/German cars for life/Dan beste, oder nichts

I don't know much about the Michelin restaurant rating system either. However, I don't believe that the Moving to Gaienmae location could be the reason for a drop in rating.

almost 4 years ago