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"Parfaits" are the popular and exciting sweets in Tokyo this year.
Dishes that require skills and finesse are fitting for the nature of Japanese, so beautiful and unique parfait creations have been cropping up all over Tokyo.
Here I'll be introducing the parfaits that are popular in Tokyo right now for you overseas sweets fans.

#1 Patisserie Asako Iwayanagi

This new shop was opened in 2015 by Asako Iwayanagi, a popular patissier who already has 6 storefronts in Tokyo.
The stylish store, located along the railway, is always packed full of customers looking to get their hands on one of the monthly parfaits, made with fresh fruit harvested from the Iwayanagi family home.
As you'd expect from Iwayanagi, who studied dyes at a fashion university, her parfaits are creatively designed, which attracts fashionable local adults to her store.
Unusual for a sweets shop, Iwayanagi's store often has many guests enjoying champagne with their parfaits during the day.

#2 Neue

Since its opening in the summer of 2016, this shop has become a hot topic among sweets-lovers thanks to its original desserts and its natural wine selections.
The parfaits made by owner Naoya Sugawara, who honed their skills at a popular bistro in Shibuya, are gaining popularity.
The shop opens at 18:00 every day. Enjoying a parfait with a glass of natural wine in one hand is quite the elegant way to spend your evening.
This is a popular shop, so your best chances at getting in are at 18:00 when it opens.


This sweets shop is unique in that it's run by someone who studied under a Japanese restaurant in England.
It's a small shop in the suburbs of Tokyo with only 6 seats, but after its opening in 2016 pictures of its cute baked sweets became a big hit on Instagram, so even today customers come from far away to stop by.
Lately, their most popular item has been their seasonal parfait, beautifully piled up in a cute short glass.
It sells out quickly a lot of the time since it's so popular, so it may be wise to call in advance to reserve one for yourself.

#4 Cafe Lisette

This popular cafe is located in Futakotamagawa, where wealthy housewives gather.
Their most popular summer item is "Peach Melba," a peach dessert said to have been made for opera singer Nelly Melba by the chef of Hotel Savoy in London.
The parfait, which combines peach compote and honey ice cream in an exquisite marriage of flavors, is not only beautiful but also so delicious!
It's only available in limited quantities everyday starting at 14:00, so be sure to arrive early.

#5 Cafe comme ça

This sweets shop, which boasts multiple locations, was born from the concept of "making Japanese food artistic."
Despite being a chain, this shop shouldn't be underestimated.
The popular companion to their seasonal fruit tarts are their stylish and eye-catching fruits parfaits.
The parfaits, which combine seasonal fruits, ice cream, and pie crust in exquisite harmony, are like a "sigh of relief" in the midst of a shopping trip in Ikebukuro.

#6 Pierre Herme Paris-Japon

This is the Tokyo location of the store of "Pierre Herme," the French patissier who ranked #1 in the pastries category of 2016's "World's Best Restaurants 50."
This summer, the shop's chilled-glass dessert "Coupe Glacée" is gaining popularity.
While also being a 3D visual masterpiece reminiscent of French cuisine, this parfait's careful blending of the sweet, sour, and bitter flavors of the fruit and ice cream is a masterpiece in and of itself. As to be expected from such a masterful patissier!

#7 Cafe Nakanoya

This cafe is operated by a long-standing Japanese sweets shop with over 80 years of history.
The owner Ikuma Mori, who studied at a hotel's French restaurant, creates popular and original parfaits, and Cafe Nakanoya is known as the "Mecca of parfaits" to sweets-lovers across Japan.
The cafe typically offers 5-10 types of parfaits at any given time.
The "cardamom-scented quatre épices parfait using ice cream made with seasonal strawberries and pain d'épices (French quick bread) with lychee sherbert" is one of the daily varieties. (lol)
It's always staggering to see a shop so popular that its seats are all full just a minute past opening!

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