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It's been about 1 year since he retired from "Sushi Tokami."
Now, Hiroyuki Sato, an extremely popular sushi chef with fans around the world, has returned to Ginza.

There were a lot of crazy rumors flying around about the new restaurant, like "the new place is going to be huge, with 3 counters," and "it'll be run by Sato and another rockstar chef he's close with," so I was wondering just what kind of restaurant Sato was going to be running this time. However, once it opened, it was clear that the new restaurant, "Hakkoku," is an authentic sushi restaurant that follows the tenants of Edo-mae sushi.
※The restaurant's name, Hakkoku (written with the characters "white and black"), supposedly comes from the idea of a samurai sticking to the black-and-white ideals of right and wrong

During his time at "Tokami," Chef Sato created his trademark dish, "Tossaki no Temakizushi," a unique item made using the rarely used meat from the base of the tuna's head and finished with deep brown sushi rice, sour with liberal use of red vinegar. That very same iconic dish is still going strong at his new restaurant, "Hakkoku."
Even at his new restaurant, Chef Sato is sure to fulfill any expectations you have from his previous work.

Although he'll honor requests from customers with regards to side dishes, a standard meal from Chef Sato will be gracefully prepared with just nigiri.
In addition to the "omakase" course, apparently the restaurant plans on introducing an "okonomi" course, in which customers can order the specific fish that they would like to eat.

"All of the meals begin together at the time specified by the restaurant."
"The only meal option is an "omakase course," which includes several side dishes and 10 pieces of nigiri."
Restaurants that strictly follow this sort of style have taken over as the new standard in Tokyo's sushi restaurants, but Chef Sato is aiming to "make the best sushi restaurant in the world" and to own a "Grand Maison sushi restaurant," and so he has returned to the roots of Edo-mae sushi, offering "the sushi customers want to eat in the amounts they want and when they want to eat it."

After its opening on February 3rd, the restaurant will have two counters available: the main counter, where Chef Sato will be preparing nigiri, and the second counter, where his apprentice will be working (6 seats altogether).
Supposedly it's already so popular that reservations at the main counter filled up several months in advance.

Chef Sato is a young star in the sushi world, carving his own new path through Edo-mae sushi in his own style. What will his new restaurant bring to Ginza, the mecca of sushi? What sort of sushi will he serve?
I'll be watching "Hakkoku" with bated breath in 2018.

Hakkoku Store Information

Hakkoku (白黒)
Phone: +81-3-6280-6555
Address: Lape Building 3F, 6-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line's "Ginza Station"
Reservation Policy: Reservations must be made at least 2 months in advance of requested date
Nearby Sightseeing Locations: Ginza SIX (130m)

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Leo Saito

chief editor, TokyoTableTrip

In 2018, a sushi restaurant that has been highly talked about, and will undoubtedly stir up a storm in Tokyo's restaurant scene, finally opened its doors to the public on February 3rd!

over 3 years ago

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Hello, great website. How do you suggest to book this restaurant at Chef Hiro Sato counter? My hotel concierge can only seem to book at his sous chef counter, even over 2 months before the reservation date. Thank you.

over 3 years ago
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Leo Saito

chief editor, TokyoTableTrip

understand that Sato-san's counter is booked up for several months in advance. Because the seats number only six, there is apparently quite a scramble for them. Perhaps the only thing to do is to patiently make inquiries by telephone every day. (I have heard that Sato's instagram account is also flooded with so many messages that it would be virtually impossible to check them all.)

over 3 years ago
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it is unlikely a normal person can book at Sato-san counter.. hehe

over 3 years ago