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Anyone been to Sushi Kizaki recently?


The name has popped up multiple times so I'm interested to opt for their lunch course. Would love to know your guys thought! Thanks

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I booked Kizaki's lunch for my December trip. Will update in here if needed.

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Just went for lunch recently. Booked the ¥13200 lunch course through Omakase, but ended up with a slightly different course (3 extra otsumami) for ¥24200. Felt slightly underwhelmed on the value front, since the rest of the nigiri were the same, and the 3 otsumami — sawara sashimi, ika geso yaki, and managatsuo shioyaki — were merely okay.

The flavour profile of the shari was pretty much similar to Sushi Tokami / Hakkoku, so if you like it there, you’ll like it here. And the tossaki handroll to start was yet another callback. Some of the neta was fantastic, like the freshly boiled kuruma ebi, tairagai, kawahagi, and chutoro. But there were also some that underwhelmed slightly, the anago wasn’t as pillowy as I preferred, and the uni didn’t have the lingering depth of flavour I expected at that price point.

Overall, had I gotten the lunch course, I’d rate it pretty positive on the value front. But given the mix-up and little value add for the full price menu, I don’t see myself returning.

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Thank you JJ for your review. Seem like if I were to go there, I should make sure I opt the only nigiri lunch course.

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Thanks JJ, probably not so appealing to me now as I didn't enjoy hakkoku.

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@JJ thanks for the review and sorry to hear about the mixup with the course/pricing - that can definitely sour the experience.

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Indeed, still unsure how the mixup happened :/

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Can I ask between hakkoku and kizaki? Which is more recommended?

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