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anyone have visited Takaoka or Sushiei recently?


I plan to make a trek to either Takaoka or Sushiei in this upcoming Feb'22. Please share your thoughts on both places if you've visited them. Thank you!

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Have been to sushi takaoka and the neta is quite high quality(enormous kuruma ebi and oma tuna at the right months) though most of them are coming mainly from chiba. Shari is quite unique, I love it though some people might find it to be too hard.

Its price has increased to 27000JPY(including tax). It seems that it is going to be in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu from March onwards.

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Does anyone know exactly when in March the move to Tokyo Midtown Yaesu is happening?

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I heard a rumor that the main store will remain in Chiba and the new store in Tokyo will be a branch.

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Thank you all for the information. I start to wonder what’s the unique shari means here.

Meanwhile, if the shop in Tokyo just be a branch, will the head chef still man the counter in Chiba or Tokyo. Because if it were just a branch, I suppose the head chef should still be in Chiba right?

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I see, thanks for the update! What a pity though, I've always wanted to try Takaoka, but could never justify the transportation time to Chiba just to eat (esp on short holidays). Haha Tenpaku is another one too, but that's another story.

Wonder who'll be running the branch then -- must be a vote of confidence for the chef to allow the use of his shop's name.

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I will visit Takaoka in upcoming Jan. Will share some thoughts then after I visit.

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The rice is quite al dente. It really depends on personal preference. Some people do not like hard rice.

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Will Takaoka Chba store still be operating in March ? thinking to go

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