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Privacy Policy

FIL Inc. , (hereinafter “the Company”) will collect and utilize personal information such as the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of its customers and persons employed that can identify an individual person for the operation of Tokyo Table Trip (hereinafter “the Site”). The company is aware that the protection of customer personal information is an important duty, and has established this policy based on the Personal Information Protection Law to fulfill this duty.
The Company will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws, and appropriately handle personal information, and will constantly strive to improve its handling of personal information.
All executive officers and employees of the company are familiarized with the duty of handling personal information.
When collecting personal information, the purpose of the use of the information will be specified and notified, and the personal information will be handled in line with the purpose of use.
In order to prevent the leakage, loss, alteration etc. of the personal information, the company will establish the necessary measures and carry out appropriate management of the information.
The Company will accept requests from its customers for the disclosure or deletion of the personal information held by the Company through prescribed methods, and respond to these requests in good faith.

Purpose of Use of the Personal Information
The purpose of use of the personal information is established as outlined below. The personal information will not be used for any purposes other than those outlined below.
In order for Users to be able to use the services smoothly.
In order to create statistical data about the usage of the Services.
In order to ship prizes from campaigns etc. or products.
For the participation in or invitation to questionairres, interviews or campaigns.
In order to announce information regarding the Services etc. or advertising or other information from advertising sponsors other than the Company in the form of mail magazines etc.
In order to communicate important information about the Service where necessary.
To respond to inquiries.

Limitations regarding the provision of personal information
The Company will not handle personal information in any way that exceeds the purpose of use without the permission of the customer, excluding cases where it is allowed in the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws, excluding the following cases.
–  In cases based on the law
– In cases where it is necessary to protect the lives, health or assets of a person, but acquiring the permission of the User is difficult.
–  In cases where it is necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, but acquiring the permission of the User is difficult.
– In cases where it is neessary to cooperate with the government organzsations or regional public organizations or persons that have been entrusted by these organizations to carry out  work determined by the law, and that by acquiring the persmission of the User may cause hindrance to the execution of this work.

Changes to the purpose of use of personal information
The Company may change the purpose of use of the personal information within related and reasonable limits. In the case where the purpose of use is changed, Users will be notified and the changes announced.

Disclosure and provision to third parties
As a rule, the Company will not disclose personal information received from the Users to third parties. However, under the following cases, the Company can provide the personal information from Users without the agreement of the User to a degree that does not violate related laws.
Cases where it has been determined that the third party will not bring any disadvantage to the User.
In cases where the disclosure of personal information is requested by the court, police or other organizations holding similar authority.
In cases where the disclosure or provision is permitted by law.

Shared usage of information
In cases where it is necessary for the Company to carry out work in collaboration with business partners in providing the Service to the Users, the Users’ personal information may be jointly used with those business partners. In these cases, the Company will jointly use the information after announcing the name of the business partner, type of business and manager’s title.

Regarding the acquisition of the Users’ personal information by third parties outlined below, the Company accepts no responsibility, including for financial or emotional harm, and in the case of a dispute, it must be solved by the concerned business and User, and the Company will not act as an intermediary.
In the case the User has  provided their personal information to a business or individual met through the Site, regardless of intention or error.
In the case a business or individual published on the Site has disclosed or leaked the information of a User met through the Site, regardless of intention or error.
In the case the e-mail address, ID, password etc. of a User has been acquired by a third party.
In the case of the leak of personal information is due to a natural disaster, communications failure, breakdown, unauthorized access, hacking, virus, or other eventuality.

Changing and deletion of personal information
Users can view, change and if required delete their personal information registered on the Site. In the case that a member requires the deletion of their personal information, it will be handled as withdrawal of membership, and the member can speedily request the deletion of their personal information by contacting the the contact specified by the Company.

Accuracy of personal information
The Users must judge the accuracy and recency of content provided on the Site themselves.

About the management of personal information
In order to prevent the loss, misappropriation, or alteration of personal information acquired by the site, the Company is carrying out appropriate security measures. Specifically, by using SSL encrypted transmission and limiting access rights controls to the personal information database, the Company is securely storing the data.

About identity verification
In response to requests for the disclosure, change or deletion of personal information, the Company will confirm the identity of the User through information that can discern the identity of the User. The Company does not accept responsibility for cases where a third party has acquired and used information that can identify the User.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
As the purpose of the policy is to appropriately manage and protect personal information, the Company can change the policy at any time. At the time the changed content of policy is published on the Site, it will be assumed that all Users and members agree to the changed policy.

In case of any inquiries regarding the privacy policy, or any questions, complaints or consultation regarding the handling of personal information in the Services, please contact the Company via the inquiry form.

Manager in charge of Personal Information
The personal information consultation contact (for registered information deletion and withdrawal of membership) and the manager in charge of personal information is the president of the Company.