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Best patisserie and cheesecake in Tokyo


I’m looking for a recommendation for a nice patisseries and cheesecake shop in Tokyo. Thank you!

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If you can make a day trip out to Kamakura, I highly recommend the cheesecake from House of Flavours. Not sure if it’s possible to do takeout by the slice — I’m recommending takeout because the coffee/tea prices for eat-in are an absolute ripoff. But the quality of the cheesecake itself is impeccable. Super smooth and creamy, the right amount of tangy, and with a fragrant crust that adds the right amount of crunch.

It’s what the Shirasagi cheesecake from Cheese Factory wished it was, but could never be.

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Thank you JJ! It’s lookm very nice but still kinda far from the city center. If you have any recommendation for any shop in Tokyo, please feel free to share

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When it comes to cheesecake in Tokyo, this is the place to go.

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Thank you very much Saito-san.

For patisserie shop, which one is your favorites?

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Saito-san, for sirotae. How do you make a cake reservation? By making a phonecall?

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from leading thru the internet, I don't think you need to call but you might need to line-up for takeaway. For eating at the place, seem like you don't need to line-up

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@Justeat if you read the tabelog reviews carefully, actually there are 2 queues. 1 for eat-in and 1 for take-out. Even the queues for eat-in might be extremely slow too.

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