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Coffee shops

Yee How

Is there any recommendations for coffee shops in Tokyo?

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For something that is more in line with Japanese style Kohi-ten or Kissaten, and a rare non smoking one at that, I really enjoy Binya Ebisu

It's very close to JR Ebisu station exit, upscale/retro/elegant. Though they open a bit later, but also offer savory courses. Don't miss their hotcakes made with Hokkaido flour and other delectable desserts (kanten) and also yogashi / castella cake too. This is a very local experience. I think they opened originally in Shizuoka, and Ebisu is their only other branch outside.

For a chain, I enjoy Tsubakiya (this location in Yurakucho), although the non smoking room gets fumes from the smoking section. It also has nice retro vibes and their cakes are quite excellent (coffee tube cake). The premium iced coffee includes coffee ice cubes.

Cafe de L'ambre also has some retro charm (but is not non smoking). There are also lots of western / European third wave coffee shops, so I suppose it also depends what you are looking for.

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1. Koffee Mameya
2. Glitch Coffee
3. Acid Coffee
4. Fuglen Coffee Roasters
5. Leaves Coffee Roasters

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My favourite in Tokyo.
Chatei Hatou(茶亭 羽當 渋谷店)

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Thanks all! Will try out the places listed.

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Café sensing touch of earth if you are going for a stroll through kappabashi

Turrets coffee if you are going to tsukiji

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