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Great Sweets


Hi all - just curious to know about any can't miss sweets. I'll be going in the winter and my accommodations are in Ningyocho. I enjoy all kinds of sweets - both western and eastern. Basically looking to try anything new and interesting/experimental. Primarily based in CA/SF, so have had pretty good exposure to the typical trendy Japanese desserts [fluffy pancakes, soufflé cheesecakes, mochidonuts, daifukus]

1. Looking for any parfait recommendations
2. Any pastry spots worth trying? [Curious about Ringo's apple tarts or anything similar!]
3. How is Patisseriee Mayo? Curious about other dessert tastings in Tokyo!
4. If possible, I'd love to do some kind of sweets/pastries crawl so happy to know if there are any battleground neighborhoods that have an awesome sweets presence.

Thank you!

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