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How is Mikawa Zezankyo?


Hi everyone, did anyone go to Mikawa Zezankyo before? How do you like it comparing to other Tempura place like Motoyoshi or Fukamachi? I know it's kind of touristy now, but it's in the area I want to visit so I think I may give it a chance?

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The style of tempura is characterized by a strong frying to a golden brown color (not my personal favorite).
But, there is no doubt that Mikawa is a special restaurant that has made a name for itself in tempura, and since Mikawa-san is rumored to be retiring, it is worth a visit.

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Went there a few years back, hard, crunchy batter. Not my personal preference. Agree with Leo that it is worth a visit for being a legend.

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Thank you Saito-san and guest, I will try it out since I don't really have preference on the style of tempura as long as it's delicious!

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Went there 6 years (!) ago. I didn’t actually mind the darker frying, but I didn’t particularly like the oiliness of the tempura (the batter somehow picks up quite a bit of oil). The atmosphere was also very formal / quiet when I went, compared to some of my favourites like Edomae Shinsaku, where the chef happily chatted with me and my bad Japanese, haha.

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