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Yee How

Has anyone been to ishimaru in saitama? Any background on the style of sushi served?

Compared to matsunosushi in shiinamachi, which is more recommended?

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I have never been there, but I have heard that Ishimaru is quite good.
I might recommend them over MatsunoSushi.

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Thanks saito-san. Will try booking ishimaru.

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Apparently the owner is someone who had no formal master in sushi and worked in a bar before? ( The form of the nigiri looks very good, though, so I'd be very interested in reviews of this place! (However, I've also heard that you may need a Japanese speaker to take you there..)

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Thanks Justin for the link. Yes saw the tabelog reviews and the form of the nigiri looks very good. And being on Tokyo suburbs making it less touristy is very appealing to me.

Will review if I manage to get a reservation.

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I visited Ishimaru for lunch earlier in the year. Appetizer, 14 nigiri, soup, tamago, kanpyo, fruit. Rice was firm and very mild, nigiri were tiny. Couldn't really fault the sushi. Chef likes to talk and everyone was treated the same.

I was quoted JPY 16,500 for the set but the chef asked everyone if they wanted uni for a separate charge. This was 3 lobes of Daisen uni, which of course was fantastic, but ended up being an additional JPY 3,300.

Given the location I was expecting a bit more value for money and if a cheaper uni was included in the course I might have gone back but if you order the uni then little reason to leave Tokyo from a cost perspective and if you don't then you have to watch everyone else eat it. Disappointment either way.

Overall I'd still recommend it. If you can make a couple of hours between changing trains it's convenient. Easy to book. Lunch is Saturday only and I booked the same week. Two spare seats on my visit.

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Nice, but it is daisen uni no? Isn't it be expected it wouldn't be cheap?

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