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Michelin Tokyo 2023

Yee How

Though I never rely on Michelin guide, is there any surprises for everyone?

I am really surprised sushi ichijo got a star, compared to places like namba hibiya.

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I think what fascinate me is that Sezanne gain their 2nd star very quick

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Namba-san doesn't want to be listed so will never appear. Biggest surprises for me were Masuda not getting a star and Kimura losing both stars. Also Myojaku debuting with 2 stars - it was an easy reservation until the announcement then 2.5 months of seats filled within two days. And Sushi Hanabusa came out of nowhere - open 7 years, no Tabelog reviews for two years, now 1 Michelin Star.

I referenced the list against Tabelog on my blog

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@thetokyogourmet Is it because kimura has been busy with his southeast Asia tour and Michelin has not been able to visit?

Saw that hanabusa chef came from miyakosushi. Just wondering whether it was just because Michelin inspectors were not able to enter the more popular sushi places.

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I'm not so familiar with some of the new choices, so no big surprises for me I guess! Regarding Sezanne, in fact some people expected 2 stars would happen already last year.

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Personally, I was happy to see "Oku" get one star! Not quite a household name, but a really good, authentic sushi place!

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Saito-san, for sushi oku. What is the style like? From Instagram pictures, it seems like the size of the sushi is q small?

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Nigiri is rather small. Shari is of the "Keita" or "Tomisato" type, with the red vinegar being quite assertive.

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Has anyone been to Jizosushi? Surprised they wanted to be included in Michelin as I thought it was a very mysterious place..

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Justin, I think saito-san has been to it. It's on row 26, #24 on his sushi guide.

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