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October Dinner at Azabu Muroi(麻布室井)

Leo Saito

After training at "Ishikawa" in Kagurazaka, Mr. Muroi, who also worked as the second chef at "Kimoto" for a long time, opened what is now the trendiest restaurant.
I had heard for a long time about Muroi-san's good sense as a sushi chef, so I visited the restaurant with high expectations, but the food was not very good...
The only thing that tasted good was the rice cooked over a wood fire at the end of the meal.
His overly confident attitude was also a negative point. I felt he should polish his culinary skills more and more before he becomes unduly arrogant without reason.
It seems that reservations are already difficult, but personally, I will not be going back for a while.

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Thank you Saito San. I heard about their bad clientele as well. Was thinking of visiting after seeing somewhat frequent releases of seats on Omakase. Might be playing the hard to get game a little bit?

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Sorry to hear this. Is Azabu Muroi in some way related to Kimoto?

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After graduating from Ishikawa, Muroi-san worked as a sous chef at Kimoto for about five years. Kimoto-san is said to have invested in Azabu Muroi.

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