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October Lunch at Sushi Arai

Leo Saito

Nigiri: Hirame(flounder), Shimaaji(striped jack), Sumiika(black squid), Aji(horse mackerel), Buri(yellowtail), Ara(saw-edged perch), Iwashi(sardine), Saba(mackerel), Akami, Chutoro, Otoro, Hokki(Sakhalin surf clam), Ikura, Ebi(shrimp), Uni(sea urchin), Anago(conger eel), Tamago
It was my first visit in half a year.
The neta was large, the shari was a little larger, and the acidity of the red vinegar was a little stronger.
Hmmm, not very tasty this time. I would rate the sushi at A- or even B+ level with this taste. And my impression is that the portion was too large for lunch.
Maybe my tastes have changed …
Recently I don't really like sushi with large pieces of fish …

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I got a reservation for dinner next month. Reading this post scare me lol

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I was fortunate enough to visit the main counter for dinner back in July. It feel that Arai san is truly one of the best chefs of the current generation. I would rank him top amongst sushi chefs under 50 I have ever visited. I feel that experience will allow him to reach the levels of the veterans eg: kimura san, nakazawa san, hashiguchi san.

I did not feel that the shari was too acidic from the akazu on my visit though saito san. Do you think he changed his shari?

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The evaluation of Arai fluctuates quite a bit depending on the day you go there.
Recently, Arai-san himself has started making the shari again, and I have heard that it is getting tastier again.

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