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Opinions on Sugaya?


Has anyone been to Sugaya recently and gotten a sense of whether or not it's worth the visit? The price used to be insultingly high, but it seems like every other sushiya these days are raising their prices (Nanba Hibiya, Harutaka, Takamitsu, Kimura, etc. have crept within a ~10,000yen distance unless Sugaya has raised their price in tandem, and Sugaya seems easier to book) to the point where many other well-regarded places aren't too far off.

I'm interested mainly for the maguro, which I've heard good things about. Already have myself a reservation at Inomata, but wanted to try a place with a different style.

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I've never been, but it's for exactly the reason that you are interested! I like maguro and uni just fine but they are never the most important criteria for me, and my impression is that Sugaya is 100% about the maguro.

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Heh I’ve just been on this curious obsession about whether or not the taste between good quality maguro sourced by most respectable sushiyas, and the “best” maguro sourced by the likes of Inomata, Sugaya, and Kiyota Hanare are actually discernable. Or if the difference is so small that I won’t find it worth it.

It’s one of those things where I feel compelled to try it at least once, just to find out.

Do you happen to know what the shari style (and neta quality other than the maguro) is like at Sugaya? Not too many detailed English reviews out there.

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Seems to be a punchy blend of red and white vinegar by yokoi jozo based on the translation of below page(

And if you have bought Edo-tannen-su from yokoi before, it tastes quite acidic to me.

I don't know about you, although good maguro and uni are nice to have. I prefer places with great hikarimono and kai.

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Thanks for the info!

For sure, the single best piece of nigiri I’ve had was the hamaguri at Taichi, and I’m excited to head to Ichijo soon because I heard their shellfish prep is good. But that doesn’t exclude wanting to experience top notch maguro once to see if it lives up to the hype :)

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Off topic but the hamaguri at Taichi is the best I've had anywhere. I almost never ask for the same item again but did on both visits there.

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Hahaha right??? It’s awesome. Glad someone else shares my love for the man’s hamaguri too ^_^

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Wow must be amazing hamaguri, sounds so good that I might have to put taichi on my to do list.

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Nice! Just a random question. Does taichi or Keita serve better Kai generally?

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