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Yee How

Is there any recommended patisserie? Hopefully with little queue/waiting time.

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Just saw this. "Less" near Ebisu Garden Place The cakes are tiny and expensive and there isn't much choice but it's one of the very best and it's never busy and conveniently located.

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@thetokyogourmet thanks! Will try it out.

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I'm not really a dessert person so take my recommendation with a grain of salt. Ungrain in Minamiaoyama, I went once and its a nice little shop, need to book a session before you visit. Think they have different offerings with seasonal ingredients.

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I can second RIVA (the patisserie affiliated with LESS). Yuji Ajiki also makes a fantastic roll cake and fromage cru petit gateaux, but is located in the middle of nowhere :p.

Found A Tes Souhaits overrated, despite its high Tabelog score. Same goes for Asako Iwayanagi (the parfaits are nice but not ¥6000 nice).

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