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Recommended Tendon (Tempura Rice Bowl) in Japan

Eric Yu

Hi TTT community,

One of the most nostalgic meals in Japan for me is a good Tendon bowl. What's everyone's favourite Tendon? Happy to explore Tempura places that do a Tendon only lunch too!

Mine are below, and I'm hoping to add some new favourites in my November trip -

1. Dote no Iseya
2. Kaneko Hannosuke
3. Masaru
4. Tempura Nakayama
5. Tenshige

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Saito-san, I also noticed you recommend Tenpura Yaguchi tendon in another thread, however Tabelog seems to suggest that Tendon lunch is over now? Can you correct me if my translation is incorrect? Thank you


カウンター席のみ (個室なし)


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Not saito-san but yes they have stopped serving tendon for lunch

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I'll definitely add my vote for Nakayama ( --- Saito-san recommended it for me a while back and it was a super satisfying tendon.

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Yaguchi seems to have quit serving tendon.
I recommend "Masaru" and "Shigetake".

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Are you talking about 茂竹? It's read Mochiku.

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I went to Masaru once and had the Edomae Ten Don (two seasonal fish, anago and kurumaebi + head), it was lovely. They also have a version containing three pieces of kurumaebi but costs more. I want to try Kaneko Hannosuke, Tenfusa now at Toyosu for Shiba Ebi Kakiage don, and Daikokuya Asakusa for their signature "black" sauce / Kaeshi Ten Don.

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Mochiku is correst.

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Slightly off topic, but I loved the tenmeshi outlet of Kaneko Hannosuke, and preferred it to the tendon one. The tempura ended up crispier because it was served separately, instead of over steaming rice and with sauce.

Masaru is good, if expensive

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Agree Masaru is good but expensive. I went a couple of years ago for a second visit and wanted the kuruma ebi tendon instead of the mixed tendon but they said it "wasn't available". The service is perfunctory and I don't like dining at a tiny counter with my back to the restaurant so my last visit was my last. On the positive side, just had a great and cheap kakiagedon at Yukimura which was just awarded a Bib Gourmand.

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Thanks Tokyo Gourmet. I'll try to find the time for Yukimura.

Also agree with all the comments about Masaru's price.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the following Tendons?

1. Kuramae Iseya
2. Tenfuku
3. Tenhide

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