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Recommended tsukmen in Tokyo


Where would you recommend Tsukemen in Tokyo? Both thick soup and light soup are both welcome!

Also, is Michi tsukemen good? Heard a lot of good things

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Would like to know this as well.

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I really enjoyed both the OG kelp tsukemen, and the dandan tsukemen at Kinryu! The kelp one was definitely a good change of pace from the heavier niboshi or gyokai based dipping soups, and the dandan soup wasn’t cloying at all. (Interestingly, they served a more delicate noodle for the kelp tsukemen, and a thicker noodle for the dandan tsukemen) Best of all, the queue is quite reasonable — it’s possible to get into the first batch by arriving roughly >15mins before opening. I arrived 10mins before and was the 9th customer.

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I also used to frequent Itto for their tsukemen, until 3-4 years ago, when queues regularly exceeded an hour++. :’) Wonder if queues have lessened in recent years given all the new ramen shops on the scene.

Never tried Michi though! Will report back if I get the chance.

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