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Review of Sushi Arai Dinner Dec’22


I have a chance to visit Sushi Arai main counter so I would like to share my personal review to all the member of the community

First of all, I could not remember exactly of what’s served due to the fact that Arai-san does not allow picture to be taken anymore but allow me to share some of my favorite dishes

Chawanmushi - very nice to start a meal. Great texture.
Boiled Octopus - very flavorful and the juice inside is exploding while you chew it.
Kujiri (whale tail) - also very flavorful. Come with special Ponzu. No smell at all. Love it
Ankimo and narasuke : Sho-style a bit sweet but very smooth

Disappoint dish
Seiko-kani : source is too salty. The crab is not sweet at all


Let’s start from the shari. His shari is very balanced. It’s not a strong flavour like it used too but still impactful. The poor point is that the rice is designed to match best with his tuna while it make less impact with other neta (even though of course not bad at all)

Of course, his tuna is the best. No doubt at all. So at that night, we’ve been served with 4 pieces of tuna ( 1 akami, 2 chutoro, 1 otoro) All of them is super great especially the second piece of chutoro and otoro

Another memorable pieces would be
Sumi-ika - nice crisp sumi ika
Kohada - refresh taste and again it such a showcase what’s he inherit from his time at Sho
Hamaguri - come at very big size and super sweet. The tsume is very nice
Anago - it feel so fluffy

Overall, great meal and I could not complain but the price is fallen in high side (50k each). Would I go back again? Maybe in the next two years.

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I just point of one major misspell. It’s “Tsumami” not “Tsunami

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Thanks so much for that review Justeat!

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@Justeat nice review, can I ask about his attitude towards foreigners? The last I heard he was not very welcoming.

A few more spelling errors which I noticed, not sure if you can amend it.

1. "Kujira" not "kujiri"
2. Seiko-kani : "sauce" is too salty not "source"
3. Ankimo and "narazuke" not "narasuke"

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Thanks for the review Justeat. I think the price of Tokyo Omakase is raised so much after COVID.

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course prices are up but yen is cheaper.

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Thank you for pointing out my misspelling!

Yes, the price is up but luckily Yen is cheaper. However, we may need to taken into account when Yen is appreciated.

Meanwhile, I think those new shops that just opened and charge 30-35k a meal also cause the longer-standing shop to raise their price as well. I'm not sure the raw ingredient price is increasing or not. It hard these days to find the shop who offer greate cost performance

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