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Sushi Ao in Late March


Hi TTT members,

I've got 1 extra seat at Sushi Ao on March 31st, lunch, at 12:30PM.

If you're in Tokyo at that time, might anyone with a registered TTT username + history of posting on TTT like to join me?

Thanks a bunch!


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Ah, wish I could have joined you---I'm in town but the timing won't quite work out with my existing reservations. Hope you fill the seat, and looking forward to your report!

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Sad Mirugai :( Well, I'm still trying to find a dining partner although it's much easier said than done (lol)

By the way, +1 on Sushidokoro Takehara which you mentioned in the other thread. Looks like a good shop - I found out the chef is only 24 years old, but his nigiri looks exquisitely-formed. Might try to sneak in a visit for lunch! On IG it seems like they speak a bit of English too..

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Agreed with Justin on sushidokoro takehara. Looks like a great place to visit before it becomes super popular.

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Hi Justin, I can make myself available then and would be happy to meet a fellow TTT-er. Let me know if the slot is still available, we can handle the logistics by IG DM :)

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Big thanks to Justin, it was really a pleasure to meet and have lunch with a fellow TTTer!

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LIkewise, thanks to KK for accompanying me to Ao ^_^ I had one of the very best sushi meals in my life here!

Of course, this meetup wouldn't have been possible without TTT so huge thanks to Saito-san as well. I think it would be nice to arrange more TTT meet-ups, especially as the foodies on this site probably have a lot in common and will nerd out to the max over food. If anyone would like to visit a (sushi) restaurant together the next time I'm in Tokyo, please feel free to shoot me a message! And I'm looking forward to that one special day where maybe a whole sushi counter is occupied by TTT members!

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I'm joining that TTT counter

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I would need to jump through some ropes to leave my wife and kids behind. But would like to join that TTT counter too!

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Nice to hear about TTT members meeting up! Would love to have a larger gathering someday

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