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Sushi Obana


I heard that seating at Obana is hard to get these days. Anyone have been to Obana recently?

I would like to know your thoughts about Obana.

Ps. If you have any knowledge about their sake selection, please share your thoughts as well. Thank you.

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Haven't been there recently. But will be going in May. Am not sure whether they are accepting new customers, but if you have been there before and you let them know early, they can do something for you.

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I never been there, sadly. Hopefully, they still accept new customer.

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They accept reservations 4 months in advance at the beginning of each month. Phone calls are not easy to get through.

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I went very recently, and it's still in my top 3. It is relatively hard to get these days though, especially since foreigners can only book 2 months in advance so most slots are taken. But it's not impossible through Pocket Concierge with enough flexibility.

Definitely worth trying for it. Also only 33k is an absolute steal for the quality and quantity you get.

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@Eric, foreigners can actually book 90 days ahead of time using pocket concierge. And for foreigners that have been there before, actually they will take down your names and you are actually allowed to make it even much earlier in advance, definitely earlier than the 4 months booking window.

@Justeat You can just try your luck messaging them in ig. They are quite responsive.

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Ahh yep. My apologies, 3 months in advance - slip of the finger.

I say it's relatively hard to book only because I've had 2 friends try and fail, though potentially they just got unlucky with dates.

In any case, it's definitely worth try for and the detour.

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Just revisited yesterday. Very easy to reserve for those who have been there before.

Ikura was one of the starting pieces of nigiri and it somehow felt less magical compared to the previous time.

As expected, uni and toro(esp senaka) still unbelievably good. Ajibozushi, nodoguro don with dashi added in halfway, kurumaebi don, akagai and anago were very good.

Price has not increased since pre-covid (30k omakase before tax), but resultingly the number of tsumami has decreased.

The flow has been somewhat slower, it took 2.5hrs for the whole meal.

Would still highly recommend this place for a fancy meal, but lower inclination to revisit due to the long distance from Tokyo.

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Somehow I got a reservation at Obana 6 months in advance. I have never been before.

I made a request through Pocket Concierge. Pocket Concierge told me I needed to first contact the restaurant on Instagram directly. Then after I confirmed the reservation with the restaurant, Pocket Concierge would confirm it.

I sent a message to Obana on Instagram but they never responded.

4 days later, my reservation at Obana was confirmed by Pocket Concierge. It was very strange!

I'm looking forward to my reservation in October.

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They probably changed their reservation policy. I think probably with people now able to travel, they probably have less local guests.

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@gomaizo How to make reservation 6 months in advance. In Pocket Concierge, they only allow waiting list till end of August. Thanks

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Message them on IG on your preferred dates.

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