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Sushi shop that truly focus on their Hikarimono and Shiromi


We've seen a lot of places boasting about how good their tuna is. I would like to discover the place where they're focusing in high quality Hikarmoni and Shiromi. Thank you!

Top of my mind are Sugita and Hashiomoto.

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I'm also very interested for the place that specialize in Kai as well

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Just had a meal at Inomata, and their kannuki-sized sayori was amazing. More than half the counter ordered seconds. Their nodoguro was also the best I’ve had, with a heady aroma from the rendered fat. The hirame was extremely toothy from a thick cut, and full of umami (gonna guess from konbujime, although the chef did not mention).

Sawara was also good but not as great as the nodoguro, and I prefer my kohada with a stronger vinegary punch, but even these two were not bad by any measure.

I think the maguro at Inomata gets a lot of attention, but frankly, their shiromi and hikarimono are nothing to sneeze at. For this specific dinner at least, they outshone the tuna.

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