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Sushi Taira (すし 田いら)


Has anyone tried Sushi Taira? Since they discourage the posting of reviews online (and they don't even have a Google Maps pin, due to store policy), I don't really have much to go on, including details of the course, or style of the nigiri. That said, I was interested because the few reviews that do exist are pretty positive:

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I would also be interested to know more!

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I went earlier in the year and wasn't impressed. The price is going up again so I don't recommend it. Will post a full review soon.

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3-chōme-2-13 Motoazabu (

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Thanks @thetokyogourmet for the update. (And our unknown guest for the map pin :p) What a bummer; the price at 33800 yen is already so high, so having it go up again while being of middling quality is rather unfortunate.

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