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Tempura 2022

Yee How

Is there any new tempura places opening in Tokyo these last few years worth visiting?

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To add on, is there any tempura place you would recommend in 2022?

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Tenpaku(天白) in Chiba is recommended more than any other tempura restaurant in Tokyo.

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For lunch tendon, "Tempura Yaguchi" is good. The young owner is from "Mikawa".

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Saito san, tenhaku seems to be more focused on Yasai than fish - if I am more interested in various kinds of sakana, and can’t make a trip to Shizuoka, is there any better choice than sonoji these days? Thanks !

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Then I recommend "Maehira" quite a bit.

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Saitoさん, any thoughts on choosing between Tempura Araki in Sapporo and Tazawa in Hakodate - would you favour one over the other?

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This place opened quite recently, and people seem to like it.
Might be worth checking out while it's still realtively cheap.

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I've never visited Tazawa, and it doesn't look like I'll have a chance in the future.

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Hi Saito-san,

Does Tempura Yaguchi lunch tendon need reservation or can you walk in?

Thank you!

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Reservations are not required, but if you do not want to wait, it is better to line up before the restaurant opens.

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Any feedback on Tempura Shimomura near Kuramae station? Looks reasonably priced and easy to book.

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The "Kakiage Tendon" for lunch was very good. I have not visited at night.

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@thesushigeek Shimomura wasn’t in the same class as Edomae Shinsaku and Sonoji (just to name a few) for me. The oil wasn’t consistently drained: notice the shimmery layer of oil on the photo of the prawn below. And some pieces didn’t even come out crispy.

On the positive side, the quality of the kuruma ebi itself was fantastic (cooked till still slightly creamy in the middle), the renkon was probably the best I’ve had, and the brandy infused sweet potato was a fun novelty.

Lunch is relatively cheap though! So no harm trying.

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