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Tuna broker in Japan


Yamayuki, Ishiji, fujita are among the top tuna broker that appearing in my mind.

I wonder what’s the key difference between each broker? I understand that’s this is related to the owner preferences as well which kind of tuna they like.

I also wanna know which broker your guys like.

I used to trap into Yamayuki but recently I’ve tried some from Ishiji as well and start to like it.

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I love the Ishiji's Chutoro. They have more acidic flavor compare to other tuna broker in my opition. I never have a chance to try Fujita as they do not sell their tuna outside Japan. I hope I can try them in my next trip.

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"Hicho(桶長)" used by the inomata is also a good broker.

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So what’s the key difference between each broker?

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Fujita's tuna has a pretty distinct flavor difference from the others, but as for the other brokers, I honestly can't tell the difference.

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I understand that since Fujita is very selective with their tuna and that’s lead to the fact that they did not order tuna everyday so make them has less purchasing power. What do you think about this?

Also I heard Ishiji has new investor and seem like they’re catching up Yamayuki. Really wonder that this is the same competition among others type of seafood shop or not

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