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What’s your favorite alcohol drink with sushi


We’ve seen many ppl drink various alcohol wjth sushi ranging from sake to even highball

So what’s your favorite alcoholic drink with sushi? Mine is sake so what yours?

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We tend to lean towards sake as well, usually leave the selection up to the master

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Sake only.

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I always like to start with a little beer with the first couple snacks, then sake. :) Sushi Sho Hawaii got me in the habit of ending with a shochu as well---the Hawaiian Shochu Company's Sushi Sho collaboration is perfect at the end of the meal!

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Sake primarily for me, although I prefer Junmai or Junmai Ginjo grade (and on the dry side with higher acidity) for their food pairing versatility, and the pairing hit right is a lot higher with sake than other alcohol, assuming the correct sake profile is selected to start with. The super famous sake brands tend not to work so well, or have more limited pairings (although certainly enjoyable by themselves), but also a function of preference. Certain French white wines (e.g. Chassagne Montrachet, aged Meursault, Chablis, Pouilly-Fuisse) I have found work remarkably well at times but it also depends on the style and profile of sushi (rice and fish + seasonings used) and the quality of the vintages. A really good dry champagne (Blanc de blancs) with a lot of acidity can be excellent with otsumami and some sushi, especially if the the flavors are heavier. Essentially a dish like kawahagi mixed with liver sauce, kuro awabi with liver sauce would work with all of those types of drinks.

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Really depends on which shop it is. But in general, champagne with otsumami and preferably Blanc de Blancs. For nigiri, warm sake since it is closer in temperature to shari and good for cleaning the palate

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