Tokyo Table Trip

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Kyoto Best Upscale Izakaya selection

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Leo Saito 一年多 ago

①Kappo Ichikawa(割烹いちかわ)

②Muromachi Kaji(むろまち加地)

③Washoku Horai(わしょく宝来)

④Nijo Arigaki(二条有恒 )

⑤Sakedokoro Terayama(酒処てらやま)


⑦Washoku Haru(和食晴ル)




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guest 9 个月 ago

Hyatt Group Hotel Review

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Leo Saito 一年多 ago

〇Park Hyatt Niseko
Spacious rooms, plenty of ski lockers and ski rentals.
Wide variety of restaurants.

△Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay
30-minute walk from the station … a hotel only for visiting Disneyland.

△Hyatt Centric Ginza
For people who just want a room to sleep.

〇Andaz Tokyo
Rooms are large and functional. Pool is comfortable. Good breakfast too.

〇Grand Hyatt Tokyo
Many strange couples, few children.
Selection of restaurants is good.

〇Park Hyatt Tokyo
Building is old but well maintained.
Fitness center, pool, and spa are attractive.

xHyatt Regency Tokyo
Building is old but basically well maintained.
Walls of the room are thin.
Accommodation rates are cheap and good value. However, rumors are that it will be closed soon.

〇Hyatt Regency Yokohama
Rooms are small but new and functional.
Location right next to Yamashita Park is also excellent.

×Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa
Slightly noisy as many guests have children.
While the spa is a key selling point, the hot springs are not good enough.
Rooms are poor value given the price.

〇Hyatt Centric Kanazawa
Good value. Conveniently located near the station. Breakfast is delicious.

◎Hyatt House Kanazawa
Strong value for money. Similar to the Hyatt Place.

〇Park Hyatt Kyoto
Good clientele. Service is perfect although very expensive.
Japanese breakfast is delicious.
Excellent location for sightseeing along Ninenzaka.

◎Hyatt Regency Kyoto
Price changes a lot depending on the season.
Old but well maintained.
Afternoon tea service is high quality.

◎Hyatt Place Kyoto
Best value for money. Conveniently located near the station.

×Hyatt Regency Osaka
Old but spacious rooms.
Located far from the city center so it’s not convenient.

〇Grand Hyatt Fukuoka
Building is old but well maintained.
Walls are thin and noisy.
No children allowed in the pool.

〇Hyatt Regency Okinawa
Excellent value for money.
There are few guests with children, and it is rare for a luxury hotel in Naha City to offer such a relaxing stay.

×Hyatt Regency Seraga Island Okinawa
Quite noisy as many guests have children.

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guest 9 个月 ago

(Best Italian in Kobe) Kitanosaka Kinoshita 24/1 Lunch in Kobe (Anyone want to join?)

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Henry 一年多 ago

I have booked Kitanosaka Kinoshita Lunch on 24/1. Anyone happen in Kansai want to join me. (1 seat left available)

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guest 9 个月 ago

Any food recommendations for Kyoto?


hambogo 一年多 ago

Will be visiting Kyoto around Christmas time for 4-5 nights and looking for any food recommendations.
I'll be staying at Hyatt Place Kyoto and Park Hyatt Kyoto.
This is my second time visiting Kyoto, last time only stayed for 20 hours and had Kichi Kichi omurice >_< (good performance, not so impressed with taste)

Osaka Recommendations

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goochmonger 一年多 ago

Have two free evenings and one open lunch in Osaka. We’re doing Yakitori Ishimatsu the first night we’re there after we arrive and touring Kurumon the next day for lunch, so looking for recommendations outside of that. Need to go easy on fried food as doesn’t always agree with fiancé. Not looking for anything fancy, just simple and delicious. What are some must hit spots? Including just snacks or coffee/tea.

Seeking suggestion similar to my favorite sushi spots!

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az 大约 2 个月 ago

Hello, using the excellent information provided here, I visited 5 sushi spots in Japan late last year. Obviously I liked some more than the others.

Ranked in order:

1. Sanshin in Osaka: Fantastic! Probably one of my fav. sushi meals ever!
2. Inomata: This was great!
3. Sushi Namba Hibiya: Got lucky with a last minute reservation! Nigiri only though. This was pretty good and I could go back.
4. Suzuki: This was for lunch. This was fine but I could probably get something similar in NYC.
5. Sushi Take: The chef used a very-very large amount of rice in her nigiri. I've never seen anything like it. It just felt off balance. I would not go back.

On my next trip I would love to try new spots that might be similar to Sanshin or Inomata but I'm unsure what are their style makes them different than the rest. Like I think Sanshin is relatively non-traditional but I'm not sure.

Would the kind experts here have any suggestions on some other places that might be similar to Sanshin and/or Inomata? Thank you very much!