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Please help refine Tokyo sushi list!

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az 大约一年 ago

Hello, let me start out by thanking the amazing folks! I am planning a food-focused trip to Japan in Sep'23 and came across this website while attempting to research places. I know that there are an endless number of options and I was hoping to get some advice from the community re. my picks. This will be my 2nd visit to Tokyo. The last time I was there was a long time ago and I was fortunate enough to dine at Sushi Iwa, Sushi Taichi & Daisan Harumi and liked them in that order.

I don't think I enjoy extremely sour (Keita?) or salty shari but I would like to try a few different styles if possible. I would like to concentrate on nigiri more than tsumami but since I would like to plan a few meals, I can mix it up. I'm looking at about 6 meals, maybe 2 in the ¥40k-50k range, 2 in the ¥30k-35k range & 2 in the ¥20k-25k range. Weekend lunches would work!

I was planning to stay at Four Seasons but I read that the concierge at Tokyo Station Hotel might be better. Should I look into switching to that? I do not speak Japanese but I can try to request friends who do to call on my behalf if that helps (the friends do not live in Japan though so they may not have a Japanese phone number in case that's needed). My only priority is deliciousness. Don't really care about prestige or cool pictures or stuff.

Based on my research, I've come up with a few names:

* Sugita: I wasn't planning on using Tableall. Taking that into consideration, should I even think about this or forget it and not even try?
* Hashiguchi: I'm not sure if they allow solo diners to make reservations?
* Kimura: Aged fish sounds interesting. Ichimura san in NYC used to do this and I loved his sushi! Don't know if a reservation is possible here though.
* Hatsunezushi: Do they also age fish?
* Tachigui Sushi Akira
* Harutaka: Jiro Style
* Inomata: Since this is also aged, I guess this could be a backup to Kimura?
* Tokiwazushi: I understand that this is Mizutani style but what is this style? I think this may be an option for a Saturday lunch

Of course a whole bunch of other places came up in my research - Saito (I wish! :), Sushisho Masa, Keita, Namba Hibiya, Ryujiro (heavy on the salt?), Sushi Ao, Hashimoto, Sushi Watanabe, Hakkoku, Suzuki, Ishiyama, Namba Hibiya, Sawada (strangely the reviews I saw were mixed), Amamoto, Arai, etc. to name a few.

I would appreciate any feedback on the above and suggestions to improve my list! Thank you all very much!

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guest 8 个月 ago

Hyatt Group Hotel Review

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Leo Saito 一年多 ago

〇Park Hyatt Niseko
Spacious rooms, plenty of ski lockers and ski rentals.
Wide variety of restaurants.

△Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay
30-minute walk from the station … a hotel only for visiting Disneyland.

△Hyatt Centric Ginza
For people who just want a room to sleep.

〇Andaz Tokyo
Rooms are large and functional. Pool is comfortable. Good breakfast too.

〇Grand Hyatt Tokyo
Many strange couples, few children.
Selection of restaurants is good.

〇Park Hyatt Tokyo
Building is old but well maintained.
Fitness center, pool, and spa are attractive.

xHyatt Regency Tokyo
Building is old but basically well maintained.
Walls of the room are thin.
Accommodation rates are cheap and good value. However, rumors are that it will be closed soon.

〇Hyatt Regency Yokohama
Rooms are small but new and functional.
Location right next to Yamashita Park is also excellent.

×Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa
Slightly noisy as many guests have children.
While the spa is a key selling point, the hot springs are not good enough.
Rooms are poor value given the price.

〇Hyatt Centric Kanazawa
Good value. Conveniently located near the station. Breakfast is delicious.

◎Hyatt House Kanazawa
Strong value for money. Similar to the Hyatt Place.

〇Park Hyatt Kyoto
Good clientele. Service is perfect although very expensive.
Japanese breakfast is delicious.
Excellent location for sightseeing along Ninenzaka.

◎Hyatt Regency Kyoto
Price changes a lot depending on the season.
Old but well maintained.
Afternoon tea service is high quality.

◎Hyatt Place Kyoto
Best value for money. Conveniently located near the station.

×Hyatt Regency Osaka
Old but spacious rooms.
Located far from the city center so it’s not convenient.

〇Grand Hyatt Fukuoka
Building is old but well maintained.
Walls are thin and noisy.
No children allowed in the pool.

〇Hyatt Regency Okinawa
Excellent value for money.
There are few guests with children, and it is rare for a luxury hotel in Naha City to offer such a relaxing stay.

×Hyatt Regency Seraga Island Okinawa
Quite noisy as many guests have children.

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guest 8 个月 ago


Best ryokans? (With a focus on food)

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JJ 一年多 ago

Some years back, I had the pleasure of visiting Nishimuraya Honkan in Kinosaki Onsen. Apart from the amazingly manicured garden in the property, one memory that stuck out was being served a remarkable kaiseki meal for dinner. I remember thinking that it was better than the kaiseki dinner I had in Ichita a few days prior, haha.

I’ve stayed in more ryokans since then. But while many have wonderful settings or onsens, I never stayed in another that surprised me food-wise. So I was wondering if folks on this forum have any ryokans to recommend, that are notable for their cuisine as well? :)

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guest 8 个月 ago