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20 years ago, when I was still a teenager, Shibuya used to be a scary city where young delinquents roamed around.
Time has changed the city to a popular city for tourists.
The Shibuya crossing that only annoys local citizens is a sightseeing spot, where tourist use selfies to take pictures of the crowded crossroad, people crashing into each other here and there.

However from a “culinary” point of view, Shibuya is full of famous chain restaurants, and disappointingly these past 20 years you would never be able to enjoy a decent meal.

But it's still too early to give up.

Open your eyes and concentrate, and you will see that "delicious restaurants" full of originality are hidden here and there. That's the good part about Shibuya.

Today we'll show you some special places in Shibuya for people that don't want to give up sightseeing lunch to "something you can eat everywhere".

#1 Hayashi(Ramen)

A profound restaurant that keeps the title of "Shibuya's No.1" for almost 15 years.
The soup is called "W(Double) style" because it uses seafood soup from sea tangles and dry sardines, and animal soup from chicken and pork bones.

The thick soup makes you imagine the heavy taste that young people love, but it is unexpectedly smooth and elegant, featuring the flavor of broth.
The ramen using no MSG doesn't let you get tired of it, and has the most popularity is Shibuya, and they say for over 10 years since they opened, there has never been a day you can eat without waiting n a line.

Opening hours are everyday, 11:30 to 15:30. We suggest you visit after 14 to avoid the busy time.

#2 Katsukichi(Tonkatsu)

This is for people in big parties who want to relax and enjoy a slow delicious lunchtime. The seats are spacy and comfortable indeed.

You can choose your type of rice, and you can eat as much salad and condiments as you like.

The tonkatsu itself is of course Tokyo's top class.
The katsu is fried lightly in corn salad oil, has good quality meat and there are no worries about heavy stomach after eating.
The pricing of around 2000yen is more than approvable, considering you can enjoy high quality katsu in the restaurant's atmosphere, without waiting.
It is one of my personal favorites which I visit frequently when I stop by at Shibuya.

#3 Curry house chili chili(curry)

One of the most popular curry spots in Shibuya, and there is always a waiting line during their business hours from 11:00 to 15:00.

Their curry that "revives your health conditions" created with only vegetables and spices attracts customers. (Surprisingly, one whole onion is necessary to make one portion of curry.)

The most popular is the spicy "Masara curry". You can enjoy together with a wide variation of toppings such as chickpeas, lentils, tomato, cheese, prawn, and spinach.

However the obsessive owner of the restaurant is obsessed not only to curry but guests' manners as well, so be careful upon visit.
1. Even if you are not alone, sit individually at available seats.
2. After the curry has arrived, focus on eating. Don't touch your smartphone, don't talk.
3. Even if you are not alone, offer your seat to those who are waiting immediately after you finish.

Visit if you can keep these rules without stress.

#4 Kiraku

Another famous ramen place that shares the popularity with "Hayashi" introduced above.
They have been in business for 60 years. It's a place everyone in town knows about.
Compared to "Hayashi" which has a rather stoic atmosphere, Kiraku is a more casual place.
The "Moyashi wonton noodle" that almost everyone orders looks like the ordinary ramen seen everywhere, but you will be surprised after taking a dig.

The soy sauce based soup with strongly flavored oil is fantastic! It goes perfectly with the crunchy stir-fried sprouts and munchy noodles.
The golden brown colored fried rice is also magnificent, and it is my personal preference to order it together with “Moyashi wonton noodle”.

#5 Mikasa(Yakisoba)

There's a feeling that "Yakisoba" is going to be a boom in Tokyo since last year.
The ignition to this phenomenon is "Mikasa" and their branch shop finally opened at Shibuya in February. It already has one of the longest waiting lines in Shibuya.
the main cast of Yakisoba is definately the noodles.

Their homemade curly noodles are stir-fried at high temperature after once being boiled, the munchy texture is just perfect, and it is a magnificent match to the slightly spicy sauce blended with several spices such as black pepper and garam masara.
To those seeking to experience the most recent gourmet trend of Tokyo 2017, head to "Mikasa"!

#6 Uoriki(Teishoku)

A 15 to 20 minutes’ walk from Shibuya station, Uoriki is a teishoku-style set menu restaurant known to few people found in the back lane where many particular restaurants stand side by side.
This restaurant is owned by a fresh fish retailer that has been in business for more than 100 years, and is known for its delicious fish.

Fresh seafood is purchased every day, so it is natural that the “sashimi” and “seafood domburi” are outstanding, but Uoriki attracts locals with its standard Japanese home cooking menu, “Miso stewed mackerel”.

The mackerel is stewed for more than 12 hours, and you can even eat to the bones. You can’t stop your hands from eating rice! You can also eat as much rice and miso soup as you wish. The ordering procedure is quite tricky, whereas you take the menu board from the first floor and hand it to the waiter on the second floor.

Foreign tourists should look up Uoriki(魚力) on Instagram, and show the photo of the menu you wish to eat to the waiter! The best “Miso stewed mackerel” in Japan, loved by locals, be sure to try it!

#7 Zuicho(Katsu-don)

@leo_saito_tokyoがシェアした投稿 -

A 15 minutes walk from Shibuya lies a great place in the back lane, apart from the bustle of the city. How many restaurants Tokyo may have, this should be the only place specialized to Katsu-don.

Businessperson and youths form a line every day at lunchtime to feast on a speciality that costs only 1000 yen.
Their significant style "doesn't" pour egg on top of the crunchy fried katsu. (Instead of covering it, the egg is laid beneath the katsu.)
The rice mixed with the dozing simmered eggs and crunchy katsu form a magnificent harmony.
When you're tired from walking, and hungry, you won't be able to stop your chopsticks here!

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You may not expect it, but Shibuya unfortunately doesn't have a lot of delicious restaurants...
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