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Tokyo's quality hamburger scene has been on a sharp rise since ShakeShack's arrival.
Creative young chefs are working tirelessly to come up with original hamburger creations.
You might think to yourself, "Why would I come all the way to Tokyo and get just a hamburger?" But Tokyo's hamburgers are nothing to sneeze at!
Tokyo Table Trip's second-most covered topic, next to ramen, is hamburgers. This article will focus on introducing the up-and-coming hamburger shops in Tokyo that you should definitely give a try!

1. ShakeShack

ShakeShack is a popular hamburger shop from New York. Its first Japan-based location opened in November of 2015 at Gaienmae.
The second location opened in April of 2016, close to the Ebisu area of Shibuya. ShakeShack is incredibly popular, even for Tokyo, but there are other delicious hamburgers out there too!

2. No.18 Dining & Bar

Personally, I believe this to be Tokyo's three-star hamburger joint. The hamburgers made by the owner, a graduate from a College of the Arts, are overwhelmingly beautiful. The meaty patties are so filling that it's as if you're eating steak instead of a burger. These burgers would go perfectly with a bitter craft beer.

3. Shaketree

Shaketree is located near Ryogoku Kokugikan, the Mecca of sumo wrestling. There's always a huge line out the door on Saturdays and Sundays. What I recommend here is their unique burger, called "Wild Out," made with patties in the place of buns. While it's certainly an oddity, the Wild Out is surprisingly delicious. I'd love to try it with a draft Budweiser from the shop's taps!

4. Henry's Burger

This hamburger shop is a spin-off under the extremely popular yakiniku restaurant "Nakahara," and it was a huge hit even as it first opened for business.
Their patties are made with 100% wagyu beef, absolutely no filler, and their grind is coarse and filling. As you bite into the burger, you'll get a taste of perfection as the rich meat blends with the melting cheese!
It's also a great location to stumble upon as you're walking around Daikanyama.

5. Jack37 Burger

This newly-opened restaurant is somewhere to keep your eye on. The owner is extremely talented, as you'd expect from someone who honed their skills at the famous long-standing shop "Fire House." Their burgers are spicy and delicious!
Instead of ketchup and mayonnaise, they use Sambal sauce, an Indonesian condiment, to create their own unique burger.
This dynamite burger is the perfect match for a cold beer.

6. Teddy's Bigger Burger

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The burgers here are certainly novel. This shop was awarded Best Burger in Hawaii for 16 consecutive years and is home of the "Mega Sweets Burger."
Technically speaking, the Mega Sweets Burger might be more like a pancake than a hamburger.
I'll recommend it only to those who really love sweets.

7. Harakara

Seasoned with only salt and pepper, and not topped with ketchup or mayonnaise, these hamburgers somehow seem very Japanese. I thought they wouldn't be particularly great, but the aged meat is rich and tasty, and the seasoning is plenty.
The texture of the ripened avocado is also really good.

8. Plaque Cuisine de GAMIN "BLOCKS"

This curveball hamburger comes from a teppan (iron griddle) restaurant beloved by Tokyo's gourmets. Their combination of rich foie gras drizzled in teriyaki sauce and avocado is to die for.
Their relatively small portions, easy to hold in your hand, are also just right.

9. Brozers'

This well-established Tokyo burger shop has been around for 15 years.
Their 35 available hamburgers were inspired by the hamburger craze in Sydney, Australia, and all of them are ready to impress!
My personal favorite is their double cheeseburger topped with sour cream.
It's just a plain old delicious hamburger; no complaints here!

10. AIN SOPH. ripple

This is the home of Tokyo's coveted vegan burger.
Even though it's located in the hard-to-navigate back streets of Shinjuku, this restaurant sees a large number of foreign customers. Despite being a "vegan" burger, the patty of mushroom, soy meat, and konnyaku is plenty filling.
I'd even recommend it as an alternative burger for those who aren't vegan (no animal products).

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