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Asakusa is a special place where long-standing restaurants with a history over 100 years as well as just-opened new restaurants stand side by side.
It's such a waste to come all the way to Asakusa and only visit a single restaurant!
As such, here we will be introducing the "Quick Eats" tour of Asakusa, put together for you gourmands by TokyoTableTrip.

10:00 "Dorayaki (300 yen)" at Kamejuu

This is the tour's starting point.
We recommend getting Kamejuu's dorayaki, of which over 2000 are sold daily, early in the morning before other customers arrive.
This unbelievably delicious Japanese sweet, the dough of which is so fluffy you'd think it's a pancake,is the perfect companion to a walk through Asakusa.

12:00 "Sukiyaki (2500 yen)" at Chin-ya Tei

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Our quick meal for lunchtime is some indulgent sukiyaki.
At "Chin-ya Tei," a dining area located in the basement of the high-quality sukiyaki restaurant "Chin-ya," you can enjoy sukiyaki made with the finest quality Kuroge Wagyu, available even in single slices.
After eating the second or third slice of soft, tender meat, it feels like your chopsticks are about to keep moving on their own accord, making this quite the test of willpower!
Let's hurry on to the next stop of the Quick Eats tour!

13:00 "Nikomi (500 yen)" at Shouchan

Our third stop is "Shouchan," a famous restaurant on Hoppy-Dori, a flourishing street where people gather to enjoy drinking even during the day.
Since its founding in 1951, Shouchan has fastidiously kept the flavor of its popular "nikomi" stew the same, and the dish's strong flavors pair perfectly with beer.
Let's take a break here and wet our throats that are parched from walking.

15:00 "Fruit Punch (730 yen)" at Angelus

For our snack time, we'll be visiting "Angelus," a long-standing coffee shop that's said to have been visited by Osamu Tezuka, the author of "Astro Boy."
The shop's interior, said to have been designed to look like a European church when built around 60 years ago, sets the perfect mood.
The sweet jelly and fruit combo of their popular "fruit punch" gently permeates and soothes your walking-tired body.

17:00 "Highball (1080 yen)" at Asakusa Sanboa

As dusk falls, we move on to "Sanboa," a standing bar with an amazing atmosphere.
Our order is their specialty, their no-ice highball (Japanese whiskey with carbonated water).
The nicely chilled whisky whets your appetite for dinner.

18:00 "Ootoro (460 yen)" at Magurobito Kaminarimon Shutchojo

Since you're already all the way in Tokyo, of course you'll want to try some sushi for dinner.
Where we've chosen for the Quick Eats tour is "Magurobito Kaminarimon Shutchojo."
The sushi you'll get from the talented chefs, made with toppings that you choose yourself from the glass case, has a distinctly quality flavor compared to the conveyor belt sushi restaurants around.
Tonight, be sure to enjoy having your fill of luxurious ootoro!

19:30 "Okinawa Soba (400 yen)" at New Dondon

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The final stop on our Quick Eats tour is a standing bar that's always packed with local patrons, "New Dondon."
The best drinks are enjoyed while chatting with the person next to you.
Our last dish of the tour is New Dondon's specialty, "Okinawa soba."
The rich and savory soup is a satisfying finale for our tired stomachs!

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