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Shinjuku is a huge city area lined with large department stores and duty-free shops.
You'll see plenty of flashy signs for chain izakaya as you walk around, but Shinjuku is also home to plenty of gourmet restaurants that lurk just out of plain view.
In this article, I'll be introducing restaurants that you should be sure to visit if you go to Shinjuku! Enjoy a full day of delightful gourmet options in Shinjuku, from cheap quality meals to sweets, beer, and sake!

10:00 Morning Beer at Beer & Cafe BERG

Beer & Cafe BERG is located on the 1st basement floor of Lumine EST, just outside of Shinjuku Station's east exit.
This quaint shop first opened in 1970 and is decorated with photos and paintings, giving it a somewhat avant-garde atmosphere.
Many guests come here for the 5 varieties of draft beer on tap, available starting at just 315 yen! That's right; BERG is a great shop where you can enjoy beer even in the mornings without guilt.
They also sell authentic German sausages that have won 1st prize in German contests, which makes for a great snack with your beer.
Be sure to come have a beer here after you arrive at Shinjuku Station to get ready for your day of sightseeing!

12:30 Lunch at Kabukichi

Yakisoba is currently trending in Tokyo. You can enjoy authentic yakisoba even in Shinjuku here at "Kabukichi."
The yakisoba here is a variety called "hita yakisoba," in which the noodles are thoroughly seared on an iron hotplate after they're boiled. The combination of chewy noodles with crunchy fried bits is certainly worthy of the attention it's been getting.
You can add raw egg to your 880-yen lunch for no extra charge. If you want to change things up, just add an egg to your noodles and change up the flavor! I'd love to relax and enjoy that delightful mellow flavor.

15:00 Snack at HARBS Lumine EST Shinjuku

This cake shop, located within the Lumine EST building, is extremely popular with young women!
Don't underestimate its quality just because it's a chain!
Their most popular item is their "mille crepe (830 yen)," made by alternating layers of crepe and fruit. The idea for this mille crepe was born while looking for an answer to what type of cake would be the most satisfying for customers. This cake is made up of 6 satisfying layers, so you're sure to walk away happy no matter how hungry you were!

16:30 Early Dinner at Motsuyaki Ucchan

Norahさん(@norah.tairah)がシェアした投稿 -

Shinjuku Nishiguchi Omoide Yokocho is an old-fashioned alley area that's even popular to visit for foreign tourists. Let's have our dinner at the most popular restaurant in Yokocho, "Ucchan."
"Ucchan" makes kushiyaki (grilled skewers) using a variety of cuts of pork.
Among its many available options, I'd love for all you gourmets to try their "brains" skewer, made with pork brain (!). For just 450 yen, you can enjoy its rich, creamy flavors reminiscent of pufferfish milt.
They have several items that can no longer be ordered after they sell their limited stock, the "brains" skewer included. So, you should be sure to visit around opening at 16:00 if possible to try their skewers made with unusual cuts like spleen, neck meat, and arteries.

18:00 Have a Drink of Whiskey at Eagle Suntory Lounge

After your meal, leave the hustle and bustle of Omoide Yokocho and have a glass of whiskey at this bar.
Eagle Suntory Lounge is a classic bar located in the basement of the ALTA building, where you can enjoy whiskies like "Ballantine's," "Early Times," and "Teachers" for just 250 yen.
Take your time to relax here for a while, listening quietly to the sound of the bartender's shaker!

19:00 Compare Sake at Sake Stand Moto

With a fridge packed with both famous and rare delights, Sake Stand Moto has a wide variety of sake from all across Japan.
For first-time visitors, I recommend their "Drinking Sampler Set (980 yen)," where you get 3 types of sake of your choosing.
This is a great chance to try a variety of sake with varying flavors thanks to their production methods, including "pure sake" made without pasteurization, "fresh sake" that was just made, and sake that's not heated before bottling.

20:30 Udon Noodles at Shin Udon

This popular restaurant has been seeing an increase in even foreign customers lately.
"Shin Udon" takes great pride in its noodles, and they're all made, cut, and cooked fresh for each order. Their house-made noodles are slippery and feel great going down, and the supple, chewy texture is so great it's habit-forming.
You can choose from a variety of udon dishes, including hot and cold options, but for today, order the warm "kitsune udon (950 yen)" since you've been drinking all day.
The warm deliciousness of the clear broth will warm you up from the inside out!

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