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Where to eat wagyu beef in Japan.

“Meat” dishes are more popular compared to fish among young Tokyo locals. Enjoying the be...

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曾經是東京美食話題中最熱門的壽司店,終於在2016年6月底開業了。 據說他家今年的預約已經滿了,實在是太不可思議了!店主名叫天本正通,是一位曾在米其林二星級餐廳“海味”的長野先生...

20,000〜29,999 JPY

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Things to keep in mind when reserving popular japanese restaurants

Japanese restaurants have taken so long to be English friendly. Guests staying with Airbnb...

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Where to find the best Japanese soft serve in Tokyo.

Soft serve, together with Kakigori is a very popular sweet. Many places around Tokyo serv...

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Savor the entire tuna in the suburbs of Shinjuku.

Restaurants specializing in one specific food or sake are becoming quite popular in the To...

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