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35 Best Restaurants in Tokyo You Can Visit Without a Reservation

If you think that all of the best restaurants in Tokyo require an advance reservation to get in, you'd be wrong. As long as you can stand a bit of a wait, there are plenty of amazing...

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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants for Lunch in Tokyo

It's actually quite difficult to choose which sushi restaurant to go to for lunch. People tend to gravitate towards famous sushi restaurants because they're the "safe" choice, but man...

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Young Sushi Chefs to Watch Out For #2 - Takamitsu Yasuda of "Sushi Takamitsu"

This is the second installment of a series introducing young sushi chefs who are the future of the sushi industry. This time I will be introducing the marketing man of the sushi indu...

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The Sushi Sho Mafia Sweeping Over Tokyo

The Sushi Sho group has been a powerful presence in Tokyo's sushi scene for the past few years. Chef Nakazawa, whose name is well-known across Japan as one of the most respected sush...

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A visit to ‘Sushi Watanabe’ ~A tale woven with Sushi~

Sushi Watanabe – A tale woven with Sushi At night, Yotsuya Araki-cho was filled with excitement. As it once was a place where gorgeous Geishas went by, the area is packed with numer...

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A visit to ‘Shimbashi Tsuruhachi bunten'

From a certain point of age, I started to feel more attached to the city of Shimbashi. The city is filled with shops that serve you great meals, and the air is permeated with a blend...

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A visit to 'Sushi Sho Saito' ~a winner of the Clone Wars~

A week ago in Akasaka far, far away... DA-DA-DA Duuh Duuh, DA-DA-DA Duuh DA, DA-DA-DA Duuh DA, DA-DA-DA Duuh 'Sushi Sho Saito' ~a winner of the Clone Wars~ The 'Sushi Sho' style was i...

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A visit to 'Takaoka' ~A Thousand Miles~

They say that all the sushi lovers have at least three restaurants of their liking (referred to as ‘Kakemochi 3-ken’ in Japanese). The first on their list is a place of comfort, whe...

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The Legendary Sushi Restaurant Made A Long-awaited Miraculous Revival.

One of the best Sushi restaurants in Japan, “Komatsu Yasuke” was closed in November 2015 ...

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The 5 Best Sushi Restaurants you should immediately visit in 2018

For the last couple of years, Tokyo has been in the midst of a "Sushi boom." Battles are f...

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