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Although it may not have global fame, Sushi Matsuura stands tall among Tokyo's sushi joints, boasting a popularity that's hard to match.

The story of Matsuura, the owner of Sushi Matsuura, starts at a fish market. He then moved on to become a sushi chef, managing the openings of Sushi Onodera branches in Los Angeles and Hawaii. After completing his apprenticeship at Sushi Masuda, a restaurant that is a part of the Sukiyabashi Jiro family, he finally achieved his long-held dream of opening his own restaurant in 2019.

Despite facing initial struggles during the pandemic, Sushi Matsuura quickly rose to become a hotspot within a year as it transformed into a highly sought-after restaurant with reservations booked well in advance. Its reputation was fueled not only by its exceptionally fair pricing in Tokyo but also by Matsuura's talent in sourcing high-quality ingredients utilising his experience as a fishmonger. Additionally, his genuine, hospitable demeanor, have won over the hearts of many.

Sushi Matsuura's charm lies not only in its diverse selection of fish sourced directly from local fishing ports, not just Toyosu, but also in its exceptional sushi rice, which is a rarity in its perfection. With just the right amount of firmness, the rice delicately balances the sweetness of the grains, melting in your mouth with each bite. The blend of multiple red vinegars lends a relatively gentle acidity, while a crisp saltiness adds a distinctive touch.

The course kicks off with their famed Negitoro roll, a blend of lean tuna and fatty tuna. The combination of the rich aroma of the lean meat and the creamy texture of the fatty tuna creates a flavor explosion that will truly knock you out.

Don't forget to try their freshly cooked tender octopus served on skewers – it's unmatched in taste, leaving other restaurants trailing behind.

Guests also delight in discovering hidden gems like White Sea Bream, Blacktip Grunter, Minke Whale, and Yellowtail Amberjack – ingredients often consumed locally and difficult to find in other traditional sushi restaurants.

Though immensely popular among Tokyo locals and rarely seen with foreign patrons at the counter, this top-rated establishment has graciously reserved seats for Table-EX members.
The opportunity to visit a very popular restaurant, where there is now a two-year waiting list for a reservation, is a rare one.

Come and experience Matsuura's passion firsthand, as he shares, "I hope my sushi will energize our customers for their tomorrows," with sparkling eyes.

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On June 26th and December 11h, seats are available for reservation at TableEX.

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