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List of Tokyo's Best Hamburger Shops

Tokyo's quality hamburger scene has been on a sharp rise since ShakeShack's arrival. Creative young chefs are working tirelessly to come up with original hamburger creations. You mi...

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Shuto Saito's Tokyo Sushi Adventure vol.3 ~A visit to ‘Shimbashi Shimizu’

Shimbashi at night is permeated with a vulgar atmosphere. Numerous drunken businessmen pass you by, swaying from one side of the road to the other. I slowly took my steps forward, c...

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The Hottest Restaurant In Tokyo today- A Visit To The Innovator Of Tempura Society, “Naruse”

Where is the restaurant gaining most attention to foodies in Tokyo now? Perhaps “Takiya” whose beef tenderloin tempura shows up on Instagram every day?

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The Legendary Sushi Restaurant Made A Long-awaited Miraculous Revival.

One of the best Sushi restaurants in Japan, “Komatsu Yasuke” was closed in November 2015 ...

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The 6 Best Restaurants Near The Tsukiji Market

Originally, the Tsukiji Market should have been moved to Toyosu within the last year. The ...

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The 7 Best Lunch Restaurants in Shibuya

20 years ago, when I was still a teenager, Shibuya used to be a scary city where young del...

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The Best Kyoto Steakhouses.

Although Kobe is the city of wagyu beef breeding, Tokyo is still the capital of food in Ja...

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Best new Tokyo restaurants 2017.

2017 has begun! It feels like the Japanese restaurant scene will be extremely exciting thi...

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Michelin Star Sushi Chef Presents the Best Burgers in Tokyo

A strange rumor went around in Tokyo in December that the chef from Michelin-starred sushi...

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Instafood of the Year 2016 Chosen by TokyoTableTrip 6th to 10th

Instagram has completely become the go-to communication platform for foodies all over the ...

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