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Jiro Ono, globally known as one of the best Sushi chefs in the entire world, is 90 years old and counting.
His presence is almost treated as a living national treasure, and many domestic and foreign visitors come to “Sukiyabashi Jiro” in Ginza, hoping to taste Sushi prepared by him while he is still at it.

To my surprise, despite the difficulty in reserving seats here, reviews by guests are not always high. Many customers are taken by shock when experiencing unique atmosphere and style at “Sukiyabashi Jiro”.

It is very unfortunate to feel the expensive sushi you paid for was not satisfying; and I would like to fill you in on the characteristics of “Sukiyabashi Jiro” here so that you would not be the next unfortunate customer.

①Sushi is hand-rolled by Jiro-san and his oldest son: It is purely by chance if Jiro-san would be hand-rolling sushi at the time of your visit.

②Duration of a visit allowed is about 30 minutes: As the culture of enjoying Sushi slowly with fine sake has established these days, Jiro-san still particularly cares for serving Sushi in a “fast food” style (he firmly believes that green tea goes best with Sushi, not Japanese sake). As soon as customers are seated, Sushi is served quickly one after another, and the whole process is about 20-30 minutes. For this reason, it is known as the restaurant with world’s most expensive hourly rate.

③Jiro-san is shy: Jiro-san is very shy, and for the first time visitors, not only will he not smile at you, but he probably will not even try to make eye contact with you. Atmosphere here is very tense and far from being cheerful and relaxing, since it is one of the noble, greatest restaurants in Japan.

④No photography allowed: Previously taking pictures of Sushi was allowed, but starting some time in 2015, no photography was allowed inside the restaurant, including Sushi. These days, customers take a memorial picture with Jiro-san in front of the restaurant to take home as something to remember of their dining experience.

Yes, it is true; “Sukiyabashi Jiro” is one of the most difficult Sushi restaurants among many. However, I would like to remind you that, their purpose in following the rule is not to discourage first time visitors.

In fact, it is the opposite. Their rule is only a reflection of Jiro-san’s sincere thought for the customers to savor the taste of Sushi and only the taste; not sake, not chatting, not photography since they came to a Sushi restaurant.

In my opinion, it is more for the advanced Sushi foodies who have been to other Sushi restaurants in Tokyo, including the taste of Sushi well seasoned with rice vinegar. I am sure there are many other opinions, but I think it may be hard for the first timers to visit here and understand the true value of the restaurant.

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Leo Saito

chief editor, TokyoTableTrip

前幾天久違的去了趟「數寄屋橋次郎」,但因為沒有有領襯衫,結果就趕緊到了附近的西裝店買來穿上(淚)...請大家務必注意每次去「數寄屋橋次郎」時一定要記得穿上白襯衫或者是 POLO 衫。 另外,聽報導說當時身體不適的二郎先生,當天看起來精神不錯的做著壽司。

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